Okay, God, You have my attention…

He will crush your head, and you will bruise His heel - Genesis 3:15

God whacked me in the shower tonight. It was amazing.

One of the main things He said to me was a tip to rewire how I think, and I’m gonna share it with all y’all.

I walked in the house tonight and realized that my left heel was hurting reeeaaally badly. And I was pondering what to do–should I pray for it to get better, or am I okay to endure it? So my only prayer was, “Okay, God, you have my attention.”

That got me thinking. What if my heel hurting had nothing to do with God? What if it was hurting because of an attack on my heel at that moment? What if it was just because I’d stepped on something funny and was now suffering the consequences?

First of all, if it was a sign from God to pay attention to something He was saying, then my response as an answer was appropriate: “Okay, God, you have my attention.” Saying I was listening. Acknowledging that He was working and His presence was there.

The second option–if I had just stepped on something funny, then turning my attention to God was a plus anyway, because all things work together for good.

And here’s the part that whacked me:
If it had been a supernatural physical attack, then I still automatically just said “Okay, God, you have my attention.” Just like that, the devil has failed. Just like that, the devil has lost. I took something that the devil was trying to use to bring me down, and I turned it to my Jesus.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be so revolutionary to me, but it is. I’m hoping it’ll speak something to you.

Lorie has talked about always saying “Yes, Jesus,” no matter what, and this is pretty much the same thing. It’s declaring over your situation that you’re listening to your Daddy and NOTHING else. It’s declaring victory over your pain and your circumstance. It’s obedience.

Whenever pain and problems rise up for us, this is what we should be thinking. Not “I’m under attack by the devil,” not “I got myself into this mess and now I don’t know what to do,” and not even “Oh, God’s trying to tell me something by hurting me.”

Just say, “God, you have my attention.” In that one phrase, everything works together for good. You’re opening the door to a work of great faith, and believe me, you will be rewarded for your faith.


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