An Impartation for Little Smears

Wow. Look at yourselves! Seriously, look in a mirror and take a good, long look. ’cause I see Jesus whenever I look at any one of you. I can’t believe how far everybody has come. Did you think you’d be here past year? Last month? Last week? Yesterday, even?

God is doing something amazing in each and every one of us, molding us more and more every single day to look more like Him. I guess you could say it’s a family resemblance. Or that the more you hang around a friend, the more you start to talk or act like them.

I’m so grateful for you. You, reading this, right now, I am grateful for YOU.

In Luke 1, when the angel Gabriel went to Mary, the first thing he blurted out was “Greetings! You are highly favored!” If you look at all the other greetings angels give in the Bible, it’s always “Do not be afraid.” Gabriel tells Mary not to he afraid later, but first he can’t help blurting out this truth: YOU are highly favored!

This is GABRIEL talking. Big-guns, archangel GABRIEL. YOU are highly favored! And he doesn’t say it like how a lot of us read Scripture, with the monotone. No. When an archangel tacks on an exclamation point at the end of his statement, he’s not whispering. It’s a big deal. YOU are highly favored!!

God has chosen YOU for something the world has never see before. God has chosen YOU to usher the earth into a season of an explosion of love like has never been experienced EVER in the history of forever.

YOU are highly favored! Believe it. Declare it. Walk in it. Philippians says He has started a GREAT work in you! Not a normal work, an EXTRAORDINARY work! Nobody else has the call on their life or the mark on your heart that you do. Nobody else can do what you can do.

I love you. The word Christ means “smeared of God.” As Christians, you know what that makes us? “Little smears of God.”

God has been hiding us in the safety of the shadow of His wing all our lives while we develop our identity in Him. Now, I really feel that the call to “Go!” is sparking in our hearts. Whatever that means to you, respond to the word “Go!” Go for it! Make that friend! Make that phone call! Write the song! Make the choice, take the leap that will change your life forever. Go, go, go! Run, run, run!
This is a season for courage. Tell the story with your heart. “Don’t be afraid” doesn’t mean not to feel fear. Fear is an action word that means “to take flight or run away.” Gabriel told Mary, “You are highly favored! Don’t run away.” He didn’t tell her not to feel fear. God will never tell us not to feel something. He wants us to be honest to Him with our feelings, whatever they are, because being honest with our feelings is what it means to tell the story from our hearts, which is what it means to have courage.

You’re gonna feel scared. You’re gonna know the gnawing little rat-teeth of fear at the back of your head. But we have been given a spirit of love, and in perfect love, there is no running away: no fear. Be courageous. Be honest. Mary was scared. She was probably terrified! But what was her reply, when all was said and done? “I am the Lord’s servant.” What did Jesus tell us to pray? “Your will be done.”

Go, little smear of God. The world groans for you. The world has been waiting for you. It’s time to shine.


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