A Cry for Boldness

The Lion of Judah is rising. You hear that roar of the ocean wave about to crash in on us? Hear the rising snarl of God’s presence about to move in and avenge the broken? That’s the sound of justice. That’s the sound of the promises fulfilled. That’s the echo of prophets from hundreds and thousands of years ago, making their mark on history RIGHT. NOW. That’s the sound of a Daddy calling back His kids to safety, security, and authority. It’s time for the big guns. We’ve been asking for it; it’s coming. I’ve been tasting the electricity for weeks.

You wanna know why we’ve been coming up to so many brick walls? You wanna know why we keep getting sick, beaten, bruised, battered, and just plain attacked? You wanna know why it’s coming so fast and so furious and so blatantly, evilly out in the open? Because the devil is desperate. We’re so close to a breakthrough. We’re SO close to tasting who we are and who we were meant to be in Him. We’re having encounters. We’re rocking people’s lives. We are changing our culture the way we have been called to do! We are ROCKING our world. And the devil is terrified. He’s tried everything he can in the past, and now he’s all dried up. He’s tried physically killing us. No dice. He’s tried making our gifts ineffective by channeling them into arenas that grieve the Spirit. He’s tried muting our gifts by telling us we’re worthless, that we don’t deserve what we have, that we’ll never succeed. He’s deceived us using our own voices and our own hearts! No more!

So he’s tried distracting us with sexuality. We can pretend that it’s not an issue for us and that we’re completely immune to temptation, but each one of us has had our sex drive (which, by the way, IS a gift from God) used as a weapon against us by the enemy. Each one of us has been in that trap of lust and loneliness, and the endless cycle of bitterness that flows from it. But God’s kids do not remain deceived! A light has shone in the darkness, a light called purity. And God’s kids are clinging to purity, and the light keeps growing brighter and brighter, reaching out to others who have fallen into the trap of lust and lies. What the enemy intended for destruction and tragedy, we have turned into our own weapon for victory for our Daddy’s glory! So the enemy has turned to division amongst ourselves, trying to make us forget what Paul said when he so truthfully spoke that IT IS NOT PEOPLE WE’RE FIGHTING, BUT PRINCIPALITIES. We fight an invisible battle! We’re not supposed to fight against each other!

Jealousy, criticism, judgment, miscommunication, confusion, bitterness, hatred—all lies! No more! We declare that we are UNITED toward one cause, that we are not in fellowship because we agree all the time, but because we are family and we LOVE each other! And that when we disagree, we stick through it and remember that we love each other and that we honor one another, and we do NOT divide! We are strong because we know who our Dad is and because we know we’ve got each other’s strength to support us in our areas of weakness.

Oh, and guess what? Jesus said His strength works BEST in our weakness. So, enough of pride! Get rid of the desire to portray an image of perfection! Jesus said all that does it makes us look like whitewashed tombs—sparkling clean on the outside, and dead on the inside. God’s kids are called to be ALIVE, to flourish, to be full of life inside and out, full to bursting! If Jesus’s power becomes more complete when we allow ourselves to be weak and let Him in to compensate for it, then hey, I’ll spout my weaknesses all day long!

The devil is on his last leg, everyone. He’s striking out as a last resort because he’s exposed, out in the open, and he has no options left. He’s been dismantled in all his other attempts, and he has no other weapon now but brute force. But don’t turn back now. Don’t lose heart. Stay united.

I am tiger, hear me ROAR.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep your eyes on the one whose name is Victory. We will not be shaken.


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