Come Closer

Genesis 18:22-23 – Abraham remained standing in front of the Lord. Abraham came closer and asked, “Are you really going to sweep away the innocent with the guilty?”

Oh, the simplicity of an intimate relationship with Daddy! It’s all just staying close and moving closer.

Some people move away from God because they have questions and God has mysteries. And rather than coming closer to ask Him their questions and inquire of His mysteries, they fall away, making assumptions about His nature. The purpose of His mysteries is so that we can draw closer to Him and know His ways.

Psalms is loaded with good words about getting to know God’s ways; David is known for being a man after God’s heart because he sought His way and His heart, not just His law.

Psalm 86:1 – Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor you.

The question that Abraham asked of God in Genesis 18:23 (“Are you really going to sweep away the innocent with the guilty?”) would have been insolent in any other context than Abraham’s intimacy with God. Our pleas and our honest questions, and our desire to know Him, move His heart with compassion and favor towards us. But we can’t ask Him from a distance. His utmost desire is intimacy with us.


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