Psalm 1:2

Psalm 1:2 (Amp) – But his delight and desire are in the law of the Lord, and on His law (the precepts, the instructions, the teachings of God) He habitually meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.  

According to Psalm 1:2, my delight and my desire (my joy and my fire of pursuing passion) should always be in knowing his ways:

  1. The law of the Lord
  2. The precepts
  3. Teachings
  4. Instructions

I must make it a habit to think about and study these day and night. This means by day, I am putting aside time to read and reflect, and the night I give to Him before I fall asleep, and let Him seal revelation in my heart.

  1. The Law.
    In this context, the word for law is ha-torah, which means “The Direction.” In the Old Covenant, the Law of the Lord was fear-based because it was carried from one person to another externally, through rigid steps and punishment.Jeremiah 31:33 is a prophecy of the New Covenant, describing how God’s Law will be internalized, so His people will willingly obey Him. This is what we today call our conscience. It’s the spirit inside of us that warns against doing something you know is wrong.
  2. The Precepts.
    The precepts are simply “commandments,” the literal definition of the Hebrew word Entole.
  3. Teachings
    The verb form of the word teach is Yarah, which means “To throw, shoot, or point.” This verb form of “to teach” describes a guiding process, as of an arrow to a target.The noun form of “Teach” is Torah, which means “instruction, direction, guideline.” This is by no means a restriction or a hindrance, but instead the means whereby one can reach a goal or ideal.

    Israel fell into the trap of keeping torah as something imposed, and for itself, rather than as a means of becoming what God intended for her. The means became the end. Instead of seeing torah as a guideline, it became an external body of rules, and thus a weight rather than a freeing and guiding power.

  4. Instructions
    The word musarmeans “instruction, chastisement, warning.” Instruction, in this context, means first as teaching, then as a discipline.Summary of Psalm 1:2 – My joy and my passion are found in the pursuit and reflection of God’s law in my heart (my conscience, or instinct), His commandments for my life, where He is pointing me to, and how He is disciplining me.

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