Omnia Mei Dona Dei

This li’l piece is actually quite precious to me. It’s a copy of something I did last fall in markers on the back of an envelope. In that particular season of my life, I was struggling with not really knowing where to go or what the next step was that I should take, but all I could do was trust that it would work out okay.

Right after I finished drawing this on the envelope, I heard words in my head: Dona Dei Sharai Kuruman. I scribbled them down and grabbed the nearest Droid and began to Google.

Turns out, “Dona Dei” is part of the phrase Omnia Mei Dona Dei, which means “All my things are gifts from God.”

Sharai is another form of Sarai, the wife of Abram, who laughed when she heard a promise of the impossible.

Kuruman is a little country in Africa where they have an overabundance of fresh water. It was no coincidence that my attention was drawn to this little country, as earlier in the week, Levi had been telling me about this global water shortage crisis, and I was feeling rather hopeless as a result. But there is always hope.

So, there you have it. Another one of my paintings with a story behind it.


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