Feeding Ground: Faithfulness

Song of Songs 2:1 - I am a rose of sharon, a lily of the valleys

Edit: I would like to note that there is some verbage in here that needs to be clarified. Eventually, I will go back and revise this entire thing, but for now I would just like to point out that when I say something about God lifting His presence, I by no means am meaning to imply that God leaves us. He said to Moses, “I will never leave you nor forsake you; I will be with you to the ends of the earth.” When I speak of His presence lifting, I am speaking of it in the sense of what we physically feel and see around us. Throughout the Bible are scattered examples of when God physically came down to join His people, or through miracles or signs and wonders or His audible voice, He made Himself present. There are times when the physical presence of God is harder to find, and therefore must be practiced. And there are also seasons of dryness that He leads us into to train us to recognize the many different forms of how He speaks to us to demonstrate that He is indeed with us to the ends of the earth. 

Psalm 37:3 (AMP)– Trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and be fed surely on His faithfulness, and truly you shall be fed.

When I have no strength, am weary, and need to rest, I will lean on Him because He won’t give out from under me. He will rest with me, He won’t walk ahead or move away. I can always trust Him because He is so secure.

My provision comes from Him, so I must rely on Him. My money, my shelter, my food, my transportation—my needs are provided for by Him, as a father to his child. As a daughter of the King, I have to throw off the spirit of independence and powerfully choose to be powerless in His presence, to make Him my sole provider. I look to Him to fight my battles, answer my questions, and feed my needs.

The thing that keeps me going is my confidence—agreement between body, heart, and Spirit—that He is faithful and everything He says He is. This confidence is justified. This confidence is hope. This is how I can say all that I do.

My ability and empowerment to do good and feed on His faithfulness is in direct correlation to my surrender and willingness to be in need of his faithfulness.

–In other words, His faithfulness can only be demonstrated in a circumstance where I am weak to stand and need something to learn on, when I have a need that will only be met if a miracle occurs, and where I have confidence that will only be justified if He shows up.

It’s more than the act of confessing my sins and circumstances, it’s the active application of casting all my cares onto Him so He can care for me.

These things, coupled with my ability to do good things, allows me not only to pass through the land, but to dwell in it. To me, that doesn’t just mean dwelling in the land of promise, of milk and honey and prosperity and favor and blessing and the heavy presence of God.

This speaks powerfully to me as meaning dwelling in the dry lands, in the hard times—the valleys where wells have run dry and blessing has lifted and God has lifted His hand.

In that land, the only thing I have to feed off of is what He’s done and who I know He is: Faithfulness. Testimony. Prophecy. Glistening hope.

You may ask, “Why would God send me to dwell in the desert land where I will feed only on His faithfulness?”

Because if you’re there, it’s because He led you there. If he led you there and then lifted His presence, it’s because His presence is not welcome there. If His presence is not welcome, it’s only because there are people there who have refused Him. But it doesn’t mean He’s turned His back, given up and walked away. He’s been molding you for such a time as this, building you up and packing you full of His presence, preparing you for the moment He sends you into the desert.

It’s not to punish you.

It’s so you can go into this place, undercover as a normal person, using your favor with God to gain favor with man, and calling gold out from the washed-out springs.

If God sent you somewhere dry, it’s because there’s somebody else out there who’s been stuck there a lot longer than you have, like the Israelites wandering around in the desert for 40 years when the trip was supposed to take 11 months.

In Song of Songs 2, the woman of the song refers to herself as a rose of sharon. I’ve heard that roses of sharon, known for their pleasant aroma, grow on rocky terrain where nothing else is supposed to grow. When the woman refers to herself in this passage as a rose of sharon, she’s saying “I am supernaturally precious. I have great value, and it’s not because of my circumstances. It’s not because of my education. It’s not because of my heritage. It’s not because of what I did that I’m here.”

When you feel like you’ve been dropped from the palace to the desert, that’s when you reach inside of you, draw of His faithfulness, and start to feed. And as you feed people are going to notice that you have streams in the desert, and that you’re flourishing like a rose of Sharon in a place where nothing is supposed to grow. Your beauty and your fragrance will draw them to you, and then you can share the marvelous manna of His faithfulness.

Before you know it, roses of Sharon are popping up like daisies, those springs become rivers, and your desert season has become an oasis.

You have been put in a desert season so you can bring breakthrough to someone else.

When my circumstances are not bringing me joy, I am forced to eat of His faithfulness and the confident hope I have in Him, which is the only food they will be receptive to.

That is what it means to be fed truly.

Hello, little desert flower. Your circumstances did not bring you here. Rain didn't fall, yet you blossom. Sun did not shine, yet you face Heaven, beaming bright.


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  1. Kaisa Lawson
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 16:20:51

    An unusual bold hope which I cannot explain has begun to grow in my soul for some weeks. It has not been, because my dearest prayers had been fulfilled; no, they have not. But in the middle of the long waiting and worrying and disappointment and (like in the Proverbs) dryness of bones of unfulfilled dreams there is this new light from somewhere, that makes me smile against the odds = the promise of being saved has again come close. That is why the picture stopped me and the text.


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