A Tale of Two Rolls

Testimony time!

I declared to my mom this morning that today signals the start of a season of miracles! But these aren’t your ordinary everyday turn-five-loaves-and-two-fish-to-feed-the-masses miracles, these are miracles you have to look a little harder for.

So I squinted and sought my way through the day looking for miracle #1 (I genuinely hoped it would be a full tank of gas in my car–but that miracle is saved for another day!). When 4:30 came and went and I perceived no miracle, I parked my car outside of my host house, a mite bit disappointed–in myself, for not looking hard enough and being able to see the miracle that had happened.

As I was pondering this and processing the events of my day, sifting each one of them for wondrous signs, I got out my cooler and made myself a sandwich. I counted the pieces of bread I have left, and divided them by the number of meals I need per day for them to last me through the 10th, when I can get food money again. I was slightly dismayed when I realized that the number of days left until I could buy food outnumbered the pieces of bread I had left.

So I prayed: “Daddy, please provide bread.” And then I got out of my car and went about the rest of my evening, (attempting to) study and stay focused on God’s goodness while multitasking on focusing on what exactly the difference is between the humerus’s greater tubercle and lesser tubercle.

And then I got a knock on the door of my room, and my roommate came in with two warm rolls from the restaurant she had just returned from. She gave them to me, I smiled and thanked her, and she left.

A beat.

Then, as I was contentedly munching my warm turkey-and-roll dinner sandwich, I realized: I had my miracle. I prayed for bread and I got two rolls. I could have easily passed it by as just a sweet notion. I could have appreciated the thought and not even remembered my prayer earlier. But I had my eyes open. I was looking, on the hunt for the little things He does.

And let me tell you, that little thing alone boosted my faith and confidence level about a zillion points.

And who knows? Maybe those two rolls WILL feed the multitudes!


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