For God So Loved ME

In Mark, Jesus fed the multitudes twice with just a few loaves of bread and some fish. Both times there were several baskets of leftovers. Jesus demonstrated His provision on a large scale and even had His disciples take active part in it both times.

But when the time came for His glory to be revealed on a smaller scale, just for the disciples, they could not understand the principle of what Jesus had just done, and started fighting amongst themselves over the most ironic thing: they had not brought enough bread for their journey. Jesus pleads with them to understand, asking them to recount how many baskets they had leftover when lack had been demonstrated in times before.


Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that God will do big things, like bring food for a crowd of 5,000 out of nowhere, or save an entire city. It is easy then to include ourselves in the crowd as recipients of the work that’s being done. We get a mentality that says God only settles His presence in a crowd or only reveals Himself at church. We are quick to call on Him in groups of two or more, yet we shy away from calling upon Him on our own, forgetting the times in the Bible where God revealed Himself to just one man, or settled upon just one in their silence or time of need.

Like Gideon, or Solomon–even Moses, who encountered God in the wilderness and on the mountain.

We forget how much God cares about the individual. We forget that there’s a big red target on each of our hearts that He marked there. So we lump ourselves into batches and discount the power of the cross. “Of course Christ would sacrifice Himself for the entire world,” we say, “or for a nationality, or any number of people.”


But seldom do we realize that if any one of us was the one who needed saving, even if the rest of the world was free, God still would have sent Jesus out on a mission to die for you, to call you home.

We are quick to say, “Well, God loves Israel,” or “Christ loves the church, His bride,” but we hesitate to declare things like, “For God so loved Hannah that He sent His only begotten Son…”

Romans says the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we don’t know how or what to pray, all the time, every passing moment that goes by. Not just your family. not just your church. Not just your city, your country, our world. He prays, He pleads, for you. How valuable we are to Him!

I believe Holy Spirit is waiting for us to realize our own worth as individuals.


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