How He Sees Me: King Jesus

Standing tall, standing strong. Radiant with joy, confident and seeping peace. I know who I am and Whose I am. There is a silver crown on my head, delicate and brilliantly shining, set with gems. My hair is free, loose; beautiful and curly-wild. My eyes sparkle with fierce love and deep adoration.

My dress is made of fine material, spun with a spectrum of color! Adorned with sashes, scarves, and skirts, it is girly and flowy, yet elegant and queenly. My feet are bare, as they were at my wedding. My hands are swift and strong and on my fingers there are rings of authority, inlaid with bold and sparkling stones. There is a tambourine in one hand.

I am the court jester–but I am by no means insignificant. I make Him laugh, and I am sent out to all the world to bring smiles and lift eyes to Heaven, to lift hearts in praise and gaiety. King Jesus plays with me, singing and dancing and making music for Daddy God. And we’re so captivated with each other that Idon’t see the hundreds, thousands of people gathering to stand audience to our play. I wouldn’t hear their whispers if they commented, or their applause if they clapped. It’s not about them; it’s all about Him.


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