Psalm 139:1

Psalm 139:1 – O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.


What comfort. What peace. What joy! He has examined my heart, so I don’t have to—I can just examine His.

I see Papa, perfect and tender, with a doctor’s coat thrown on over His robe. He kneels down and places a stethoscope to my heart, looking intently into my eyes. Then He gives me the stethoscope, and my eager toddler hands put the earpieces in, and hold the receiving end to His heart.

What a song! What a privilege! Gone are the days of holding the bulb of that stethoscope against my own heart, a frown of confusion and frustration painting my face downcast because I can’t interpret the rhythms of my own heart—or worse, because I think I can.

He knows everything about me. There isn’t an angle of me He hasn’t investigated. Not one development has gone unforeseen. Every bump, every bruise, every particle of me has been examined. I can’t surprise Him—and yet I can delight Him!

“Your majesty gently washes over me.”
–Kari Jobe

He is so tender and so gracious and so merciful! That He reinforces His sovereignty by gently letting me know that He knows everything about me—and that when He reexamines my heart, the results aren’t death and judgment, but pleasure and affection!

It’s a tender but firm reminder that my mission isn’t to sift through my heart and scrutinize for impurity so I can yank it out—that’s His job. My mission is to romance Him in return. I am questing for His heart, for His face, to know everything about Him.

My job isn’t to know myself inside and out; that’s a depressing pastime with finite fruit, and after so long of introspection I have discovered that I can’t dig any deeper, that I’ve turned over every stone in my heart there is to turn over.

But if I know His heart, which He has given to me, then I will know my heart. Because you become like that which is your treasure, your object of awe and affection and adoration.


For He is the infinite adventure! There is no end to the pleasures of knowing His heart! He knows me. He sees me. Every part of me, even down to the cellular level. He knows everything about me, things that even the most knowledgeable surgeon or technician, even the wisest scholar, could never know!

Every  mystery that baffles our minds is simple and, simply, known by Him.


I am overcome with affection.

“I love you so much,” I say.

Not as much as I love you, is the immediate reply.

The love of the Lord…wow. Astronomic. Titanic. Galactic. Mighty, extravagant love. Overwhelming. Talk about butterflies in the belly. 


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