Psalm 139:2 – Don’t Think it, Just Drink It

Psalm 139:2 – You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.


“Why would you take me back after all I’ve done to you? Why would you take me back after all I’ve strayed from you?”- Canopy Red, “Why Would You”


Oh, Papa. Thank you for being near enough to my heart that you know me, and every part about me, even when I feel like I’m far away. Even when I miss the mark in my thinking or theology, you are still there, watching me oh so intently…


He knows my every move. He knows what I’m going to do it, as I’m doing it, before I do it, and His hindsight is even better than mine in the aftermath!

Past the literal realm, this speaks to me in that He even sense my spiritual posture. He knows when I am about to collapse with weakness, and He knows when I’m all gung-ho, refreshed, and ready to go.  He doesn’t miss any unspoken cues, and He never turns His eye away long enough to have to rely on just hearing for me to fill Him in on how I’m doing. He’s right there. He’s present. He’s paying attention. 

This means so much to me, because my entire life, my relationship with my dad has been the exact opposite. He lived in another state for most of my life. We only filled each other in on our bi-monthly weekend visits and very scarce phone calls in between. Even now, my relationship with my dad is completely dependent on how up-to-date we keep each other. Since neither of us instigate fill-ins very often, we virtually stay strangers.

And now I have a Dad who stays close by, every single moment of every day, sending His goodness and mercy to chase after me, sending His spirit to rest upon me, and never leaving my side as I walk through the mountains and valleys of this life. What a beautiful exchange! 

Just like a really good friend, who can sense a change in your thoughts, your mood, your attitude, or what you’re about to say before you even say it, God is close enough and intimate enough with me that He knows how I’m poised without me even having to tell Him.  


You know my thoughts, even when I am far away.

I love this. Just declaring and affirming His nearness brings so much reassurance.

How could a God so insurmountably big be so close to me all the time? It’s like looking at Mount Rainier in the distance and simultaneously knowing every square inch and detail of its surface and surroundings.

But that’s exactly how He is, isn’t it? Even when I feel like I’m far away from Him, or far away from being able to worship, pray, or just rest in Him, He still knows me. This is the most beautifully paradoxical relationship I have ever heard of; how could I be far from Him and He be close enough to me to still know my thoughts so intimately, at the same time? It’s mind-boggling.

Even when I feel like I’m far from His presence, He still knows my thoughts. He’s still going the 100% in our relationship. He’s still willing to do whatever it takes to get love across. And while I can never fathom the measures of this wild, reckless love, there’s also nothing I can do to escape from it.


If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to forget that  God is close and present all the time. But Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, “I will be with you always, even unto the end of this world.”

I encourage you to join me in the challenge of declaring and believing that He knows us. That He knows our hearts, our positions, our place. He knows our posture. He knows if we’re tired and He knows if we’re ready for a challenge. He will never give us more than we can handle, and who better to know what we can handle than the One who knows us better than we know our own hearts?

We can’t afford to go by whether or not we feel His presence nearby. I fall into this routine so often of going off of what I feel and how I feel Him ministering to my heart in a moment or situation–or conversely, how I don’t feel Him.

I feel a freedom coming on. This freedom will release us from our dependence on feeling and loose us from the binds of basing the measure of His presence on our emotional capacity to feel Him. 

So here is my challenge to you:
Don’t think it–Just drink it.  You don’t have to feel it–just know it, chase it, and the feeling will follow.

I promise.


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